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Smart clothes for sport horses - Made to measure / Worldwide deliveries


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PUR100 Ropas personalizables y inteligentes, para los caballos de deporte. PUR100 Naturally Powerful
Smart clothes for sport horses.

: Made according your choices of colors, fabrics and sizes.
- 18 colors of cotton
- 47 colors of edge
- 54 colors of cords
- 14 colors of waffle cotton
- 12 colors of cordura
- 6 colors of waterproof cordura
The quality of our products corresponds to the exigence of our customers
Ours products : Saddle pads, Bonnets, Exercise sheet, Shirts, Rugs, Tents...

Discover the new : 3D-PaD, The Pad !
Hyper breathable, Shock absorber and customizable.
3D mesh inside.

- Constants qualities of shock absorbtion.
- Hyper breathable
- Dryed more quickly
- More hygienic
- Outside made of cotton polyamid super resistant and dryed more quickly.

A traditional look for an innovative saddle pad.
PUR100 will be soon available on www.mon-cheval.fr

To contact us :
by email : contact@mon-cheval.fr
by phone : 00 33 (0)4 75 58 86 74

First presentation of the brand in Valencia GCT